Most WordPress Plugins and widgets can link your twitter account to your website easily with just your twitter handle, but that only shows only your tweets.  What about showing your total Twitter follower count?  That takes a few key pieces of information that I am going to cover.

We will go through the process of getting your Twitter Consumer Key, Consumer Token, Access Key and Access Key Token in the steps below.

Step 1.) Login to your account at

Step 2.) Then access the Twitter Application Manager.

Step 3.) Click on the silver “Create New App” button on the top right.

Step 4.) Fill in the “Name” section with anything you want like: Website Twitter Plugin

Step 5.) Write a short “Description” like: Link website with Twitter account.

Step 6.) Enter your “Website” link:

Step 7.) The Call Back URL refers to a very specific URL to identify your app. The URL that must be pasted here is the URL that leads directly to the Social Follow Networks tab in the settings inside your WordPress Dashboard.

  • If you have the Monarch Social Sharing Plugin you get this URL via, log in to your WordPress Dashboard and click Tools > Monarch Settings> Social Follow > Networksand then copy and past the URL from your address bar. It will look something like this:
  • If you do not have that plugin, try to contact your plugin or theme developer for more information about getting your “Callback URL” on your website for your Twitter account.

Step 8.) Check the box to Agree to their “Developer Agreement” and POOF your application is now made!

Step 9.) Click on the Tab that says “Keys and Access Tokens” and you will see your Twitter Consumer Keys

Step 10.) Scroll down and click on “Create My Access Token” and then you should see your Twitter Access Tokens

Use both of Your Twitter Access tokens and Consumer Keys to automate your Twitter Posts and Follower counts on your website via your website theme options (if it has this) or an add on plugin like the one we use: Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

We hope this information has been helpful.  Please let us know by rating this post below and sharing or commenting on social media.

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